Bulgarian Empireball or Fourth Bulgarian Empireball will be a stronk empire countryball at East Balkans. He's allied with Hungarian Unionball, both fought against Romaniaball and Serbian Greater Kingdomball, and will probably make only a union in the 4th millennium. He defeated Romaniaball, Serbian Greater Kingdomball and Greek Empireball.

Suppose Edit

Start in 2782 Edit

Around start of 2782, Romania declared war on Bulgaria. After 2 months of hard war, Romania lost the war, allowing Bulgaria to occupy some lands of Wallachia.

Support of Hungarian Union at Second Hungarian-Romanian war. Edit

He started the second period of the war in 2820, declaring war on Romania and Serbian Greater Kingdom, and being in the Hungarian Union's side. He and Hungarian Union defeated Romania in 2824, and defeated Serbian Greater Kingdom in 2827.

The Bulgarian invasion of Serbian Greater Kingdom Edit

In 2876, Bulgarian Empire invaded Belgrade and later Srpska with the help of Second Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovinaball, Bosnia allied with Bulgaria because Serbia conquered Srpska from him some years ago, an action that caused the fall of the Serbian Greater Kingdom. After that, Bulgarian Empire invaded all Serbian GK's lands. Then Bosnia complained that he didn't give Srpska and other bosnian lands to him, Bulgaria ignored but Bosnia launched a military campaign against bulgarian forces, Bulgaria then defeated Bosnia.

War with Greek Empireball Edit

He will have a war with Greek Empireball in 2894. War ended in 2898, with the Bulgarian victory. Greek Empireball lost more lands and then suffered a crisis.

The Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball Edit

He and Hungarian Unionball united in 2912 to be bigger, stronger, and defeat more enemies and threats such as Romaniaball, Greek Empireball, Greater Albanian Kingdomball or New Moldovaball.

Map (in green) Edit

Map of Bulgarian Union in 2830