Greater Polandball will be a stronk and big countryball in Central Europe.

Suppose: Edit

2805 - War with New Czechiaball: Edit

Greater Poland declared war on New Czechia. In 2807, Hungarian Union joined his side. Greater Poland and Hungarian Union won in 2809, and New Czechia ceded part of northeastern Moravia to Greater Poland, and ceded Slovakia to Hungarian Union.

2903 - Polish Civil War: Edit

After the creation of the Polish Empireball in 2900 and LBGPball in 2902, he decided to declare war on both in 2903. Sadly, in 2905, he lost the war, and Polish Empireball and LBGPball divided him, so the leader and other important people from there exiled to Gotland.

Polish Swedenball: Edit

Some time later, he created a territory known as Polish Swedenball, created by the leader of Greater Poland attempting to grow again and defeat Polish Empire and LBGP. However, two days later, Swedenball declared war on Polish Swedenball. Polish Swedenball was very weak and small, so it was defeated and fully occupied by Swedenball. The leader of Greater Poland escaped to Scotland, and lived there for three months, after Swedish spies captured him. Then he was deported to Stockholm, and he was imprisoned for life.

Map: Edit

Map of Greater Poland in 2830