Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball will be an European countryball created by the union of Hungarian Unionball and Bulgarian Empireball.

Suppose: Edit

Creation in 2912: Edit

Hungarian Unionball and Bulgarian Empireball decided to create the commonwealth in 2912, after both involved in issues.

Hungarian Unionball became very weak after a violent famine that almost killed him. In the case of Bulgarian Empireball, he got involved in issues with the Turks - they were over 40% of the population, and they were murdering a lot of Bulgarians. When Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball got created, the Hungarians and Bulgarians restored their strength and wealth. He also purged those Turks.

The Great Balkan War in 2918: Edit

In 2918, after an agreement by four Balkan countries to destroy him, he asked for help to Italian Empireball (another potential rival of them) to support him. Those balkan countries declared war in Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball, but he and his supporter were very prepared. In 2924, the war ended with the Hungarian-Bulgarian victory. Those four Balkan countries were fully defeated and invaded, and then he decided to give away Greece and Albania to Italian Empireball for his big help.

The British-European War in 2976: Edit

He got threatened by Second British Empireball in 2976, after he colonized parts of him, Polish Empireball and Italian Empireball. For example, British Dobrujaball, British Adriaticball and British Crimeaball were parts of the Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball.

Second British Empireball almost won the war, but two republics (Free Republic of Cornwallball and Free Republic of Irelandball) seceded from him in 2977, and they began to support the anti-Britain side in 2979. In 2981, Second British Empireball declared his surrender, being permanently kicked from the opponents' territory, and losing all his colonies there.

Relations: Edit

Friends: Edit

Italian Empireball - Thank you for supporting me in the Great Balkan War. I love your pizza and pasta!!! We also done a very good job in the British-European War!

Occupied Austriaball - I am still your friend! I will help you to remove Protectorate of the Czechsball. Successfully he got removed by Polish Empireball. Happy you got it in 2923.

Polish Empireball - You are also a true Pole, we together defeated British invaders!

Free Republic of Cornwallball and Free Republic of Irelandball - Great thanks to both for supporting me and my allies in the British-European War!

Greater Czechiaball - Well,you occupided Austria but now you are good friend!

Enemies: Edit

Romaniaball, Greek Empireball, Greater Albanian Kingdomball and New Moldovaball - Kurvas that declared war in me. But hahaahahah you lost!!!

Protectorate of the Czechsball - Kurva that occupied and purged Austriaball! FREE AUSTRIA!!! Finally Polish Empireball removed you!!!

Second British Empireball - Kurva that colonized part of my territory! My allies also suffered with your stupid colonizations! Go to America or Oceania, but don't pick a conflict with our alliance!