Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball will be an European countryball created by the union of Hungarian Unionball and Bulgarian Empireball.

Suppose Edit

Creation in 2912 Edit

Hungarian Unionball and Bulgarian Empireball decided to create the commonwealth in 2912, after many agreements they made, most of them to destroy their enemies.

The Great Balkan War in 2918 Edit

In 2918, after an agreement by four balkan countries to destroy him, he asked for help to Italian Empireball (another potential rival of them) to support him. Those balkan countries declared war in Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball, but he and his supporter were very prepared. In 2924, the war ended with the Hungarian-Bulgarian victory. Those four balkan countries were fully defeated and invaded, and then he decided to give away Greece and Albania to Italian Empireball for his big help.

Relations Edit

Friends Edit

Italian Empireball - Thank you for supporting me in the Great Balkan War. I love your pizza and pasta!!!

Austriaball - I am still your friend

Enemies Edit

Romaniaball, Greek Empireball, Greater Albanian Kingdomball and New Moldovaball - Kurvas that declared war in me. But hahaahahah you lost!!!

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