"IZANAGI SAVE THE NEW EMPERORU!!!! BANZAI!!!" - Japanese Unionball, during war.

Japanese Unionball is a countryball located in Asia.

He had several types of government during his history, first he tried to be fascist expansionist and imperialist again, then he started occupying countries that were already damaged lik China because of a war against Mongols, Siberia because of war against Russia some years ago and Taiwan for being vulnerable and weak. He had lands in China, Siberia, Taiwan, Philippines and some parts of Vietnam.

He began to change after Ling Chinaball's birth, because he would be expelled from the territories he had occupied eventually since he was already weak due to tons of rebellions.

His actual domains after being removed from China and Siberia by Ling and later kicked from Philippines and Vietnam are the Japanese archipelago and some more islands and territories.

After Ling became a strong political power in the region he became a peaceful countryball but was still hating Ling and refused to side with it in regional political scenario, so he reaffirmed his alliance with NAUball.

Later many people inside him tried to make a traditionalist revolution like happened in many other asian countries and eventually side Japan with Ling led movement side, these groups were supported by Ling of course but they didn’t had success. Still the country was politically divided.

He was politically divided in traditionalists that were allied with Ling, capitalists that were allied with NAU and fascists that were isolationists.

After the fall of Ling asian traditionalist movement became weak and never had a high political position in Japan. He ended up being split in South Japan a capitalist country and North Japan a fascist one.

Map: Edit

Japanese Union's (in green) map.

Japanese union map