About Edit

Orthodox Commonwealthcube is a cube by Armenia and Georgia's uniting.

History Edit

Orthodox Commonwealth cube is a cube created by Georgia and Armenia.

Getting larger Edit

Orthodox Commenwalthcube delared war on Milhumbi-Azerbaijanball and Armanti-Turkeyball to take some lands. He won the war and took a lots of lands.

Getting smaller Edit

Orthodox Commonwealthcube had to kill some civilians from OssetiaRawr. After that OssetiaRawr declared war on Othodox Commonwealthcube, sadly OssetiaRawr won the war. It caused Orthodox Commonwealthcube to lose many lands.

A bloody revenge Edit

Milhumbi-Azerbaijanball and Armanti-Turkeyball declared war on Orthodox Commonwealthcube. And sadly they won the war and that caused Orthodox Commonwealthcube to lose so many lands.

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