STORM Unionball (Super Theocratic Observer Reliable Mortal Unionball) will be another European Organization which ruled by STORMs to take the entire continent clays, especially Asia. He used Zombies to weakening Asian countryballs' manpower so he take an advantage to anschluss Asian clay. He decided to retreat and spending his time to take China so he can take all Asian clays. He is mostly Christian with some radicals but he claimed Muslims as a religion that creates the lightning and so he respected them and lightning will be their national symbol. He also have killed Monikaismball's followers in Europe(mostly in Finland) because he believed this religion is a game which religion is forbidden to be a game and used their corpses to attack China. Then he got nuked by China 500 times and Died. But he has a secret base underground to trick the enemies so he can STORM China back.But before he could do that China found his base and he moved to Mars never to be seen again..... 

STORM Countries: Edit

Europe: Edit


STORM Franceball

STORM Hispaniaball

STORM Germanyball

STORM Netherlandsball

STORM Bavaria/ North Bavaria

STORM Italyball

STORM Polandball

STORM Icelandball

STORM Finlandball

STORM Swedenball

STORM Norwayball

STORM Denmarkball

STORM Russiaball

STORM Crimeaball

North America: Edit

STORM Greenlandball


STORM Canadaball

STORM Mexicoball

STORM Caribbeanball

South America: Edit

STORM Columbiaball

STORM Venezuelaball

STORM Guianaball

STORM Brazilball

STORM Ecuadorball

STORM Peruball

STORM Paraguayball

STORM Uruguayball

STORM Chileworm

STORM Argentinaball

Africa: Edit

STORM South Africaball

STORM Rhodesiaball

STORM Congoball

STORM Mozambiqueball

Asia: Edit

STORM Malaysiaball

STORM Mongoliaball

STORM Koreaball

STORM Japanball

STORM Armeniaball

Middle East: Edit

STORM Sumerball

Oceania: Edit

STORM Australiaball

STORM Zealandball

STORM New Guineaball

Gallery: Edit

STORMball revives Zballs