The Union Edit

In the year 2277, the whites (mostly Boers in South Africa had had enough.

With the blacks regularly killing Boers and at the Ladysmith Massacre and Pretorian killings, the Boers were in an outright revolt it started with the Boers telling black soldiers if they advance any further that they shall fire upon them.Of course, the blacks moved in. Suddenly a Boer kommando that had been hiding around ambushed the black soldiers only to find they were out numbered but they won the ambush and began to arm fellow Boers.

The Storming of Pretoria Edit

On June 2277 (exactly 2 years after the revolt had started) the Boers were in a position to storm Pretoria and capture the president ending the revolt leaving the Republic of South Africa in Natal, the storming proceeded and within an hour they had taken Pretoria and captured the president and he was exiled to wake island and The Second Union of South Africa was formed with most of the blacks being sent to natal and those who stayed were assimilated. However the provinces of KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, North West, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga rebelled against him in a civil and created the National South African Republicball who wants to kill all white people in South Africa's territory and create a pure black african native country. He was succeded by his son the Afrikaner Republicball who is an afrikaner/boer nationalist republic.

Although he was short lived and unrecognized he had importance because he created a whole political and social scenario in the region that would take to a future events full of violence.

Head Of State Edit

Hendrik De Le Rey Descendent of legendary Koos De Le Rey

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