Thai Empireball will be a psycho an empire in Southeast Asia that is a regional superpower. He is

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The Imperial Era (3071 - 3129) Edit

He was formerly apart of Thai Siamball as a crazy military junta that was very rebellious in the country. The first leader started by invading Cambodia due to it being nearby, which was successfull. Then he went for Laos, which was also successfull. The decided to go for Vietnam, and had a good time fighting, but lost. Except the treaty declared he could have a small southern part of Vietnam. He then invaded Myanmar, and won. He tried expanding down, but failed miserably. The same happened expanding up to east Asia and and west to south (NOT EAST) Asia.

The Economical Era (3129 - 3472) Edit

After the wars, he realized he didn't need to care about war for a long time. He decided to be economically important and started increasing the GDP. It kinda went well, but there was a large gap between the poor and rich, about the rich. There were also many economic depressions. But they invented things, however though, they got a really low salary. This caused people to be poor a lot. The GDP was 100 billion and the leader owns half of that money. But when Vietnam split up, so did their Vietnamese part.

The Surroundings Era (3472 - 4328) Edit

In this era, the empire was surrounded by its enemies, and was hated a lot. He (Thai Empireball) was sanctioned, nuked, etc. And he was hated alot. He got spied on and the leader was globally accused of government corruption. The leader wanted to not let the people know, and banned access to outside media. He was angered by these. The people thought nothing happened, until....

The Last Era (4238 -4379) Edit

A man had seen all of this with full proof, and told everyone. Soon campaigns against the government were common. So common that the Thai Civil War was declared. The result was the victory of the rebellions. For punishment, the leader was sent to a remote island, where he was then executed for treason.

Personality Edit

Thai Empire is seen as an absolute crazy pyscho ruled by a military junta, however the citizens used to think they ruled the world.

How to draw Edit

Drawing Thai Empireball is somewhat mediocre to do.


1: Draw a circle

2: Draw blue outline of Siam symbol

3: Add eyes

4: Color the rest red except for the inside of the symbol


Map Edit

Thai Empire Map