Turan Federationball will be a turanist and pan turkic organization founded in Istanbul by West Turkeyball, New Azerbaijanball, New Kazakhbrick, Turkmen Federationball, New Uzbekball and New Kyrgyzball.

Their main objective was to improve union between turkic people, and after Turkmenistan old lands were retaken by Iran, its objective was also create a military force against potential enemies of the countries that followed the turanist ideology, the enemies were: East Turkeyball, New Islamic Iranball and Russian Greater SSRball.

His end was when New Soviet Unionball invaded most of its members and they couldn't defend themselves because soviets were stronger.

Also there was lack of unity between members actually, mostly because West Turkeyball wanted to proclaim itself as the leader and model of the turkic countries, while West Turkey defended democracy and western values, other countries like New Kazakhbrick and Turkmen Federationball had no interest in following this and continued being authoritarian republics, so far they couldn't unite and create a main force.