United Koreaball will be a countryball made up of North Koreaball and South Koreaball.


He was born with the help of Ling Chinaball that helped him kicking Japanese Unionball from Korean clay, so he is very grateful to Ling and is one of his greatest allies. Like many other Asian countries affiliated with Ling, he hates both Communism and Capitalism being traditionalist.

Ling Chinaball helped him when Cheongug Dynastyball took control of Korea and created chaos in the region until power was resumed by United Korea monarchy again after 3 years of war, but until this happen the rebels creates the Colony of New Koreaball, that was destroyed by his rival New Chinaball.

He supported Ling Chinaball during its fall and later he would support Sun Chinaball against Mongol Unionball.

He died in the Korean War period, that ended in Korea being split into two entities once again, that starts colonizing the space with teletransports.
Korea state map