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  • MC67493


    March 8, 2018 by MC67493

    I know I am being semi-active this time. So I will say that I will be inactive for a few days more. I have personal difficulties currently, and I can't spend time on the wiki.


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  • MC67493

    Sock puppetry problem

    February 25, 2018 by MC67493

    Regards to all, I am MC67493, the founder of this wiki. I know I have been quite inactive last time, because I had personal difficulties and I couldn't check here.

    We have now a big problem. Vandalism and sock puppetry (probably by TehLoanRanger) increased a lot, and we must stop that. For that, I have a message to send to admins and other users:


    Please try to be the most active this time. I will also keep in my mind. If you find any alt, please block it first, and then revert its vandalism and remove any spam or hate pages/files/comments created by it. I will also do that. And please, block the alts with infinite expiry and with own wall posting blocked. Ban the alt from chat if it also misbehaves in chat.


    If one of the alts…

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  • MC67493

    Wiki Inactivity

    October 27, 2017 by MC67493

    This wiki is being very inactive right now. We are losing active contributors, and the number of pages is growing very slowly. This appears to be caused since we lost two managers, but both came back.

    Generally most users of this wiki are stopping their activity, for totally unknown reasons. If we continue losing contributors, this wiki will fall down. So please, if you are reading this blog, I ask you to contribute at least a few.

    Luckily, the activity increased and the active contributors are contributing more and more.


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  • MC67493

    Issues in some articles

    October 14, 2017 by MC67493

    I need to report two important issues that are affecting some articles of this wiki.

    The first one is this:

    Some pages have a fatal error in the vocabulary of this wiki. They say "the future" is "the present" or "currently".

    We are NOW in 2017, not in 2035 or 2104. So, please, I ask all you to check carefully the articles, and fix them if necessary.

    And the second is this:

    Some users give dates such as 2020, 2024 or even 2018 to the future countries / wars they create. 

    Those close dates in future empires, conflicts and large organizations would be disruptive for the wiki; in few years we will reach 2020, so those articles would be filled with vandalistic comments saying things such as "nothing is happening" or similar vandalism.

    So, I suggest al…

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  • MC67493

    Big wiki update

    October 1, 2017 by MC67493

    Our administrators made a really great update to this wiki! So you can make it greater, we have now pages and active users! You can help too! Please log in!!!

    Some changes we made:

    • Added new background
    • Modified cursor
    • Added user group colours
    • Made a report page
    • Added badges
    • Much more

    Hope you liked it!


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